Club Promotion and Engagement


ANU Sport encourages Clubs to acquire sponsorships to help lower their operational costs. Allowing clubs to further the interests of sport, physical recreation and wellbeing among Students, other Members and the wider community.

Please note that:

  • Clubs cannot have sponsorship or endorsement from competitors of ANU Sport. 
  • A Club is permitted to accept sponsorship from organisations external to ANU provided that the terms, nature and conditions of the sponsorship agreement are provided to and approved by ANU Sport.
  • Where a sponsorship agreement requires advertising at any of the ANU sports facilities, ANU Sport may allow it provided that the advertising is not permanently fixed. Any such advertisement shall be on demountable signs and hoardings which may be set up and removed as necessary. Any exception to this requires the prior written approval of ANU Sport. 
  • Where a sponsorship agreement requires advertising on behalf of the sponsor on uniforms and other Club apparel, ANU Sport may allow it provided that it complies with the branding and identity requirements of this Affiliation Agreement and receives prior written approval of ANU Sport.


All Club uniforms should be appropriate for the sport and comply with any rules and regulations of the relevant sporting body for that sport.

  • No uniform should contain any inappropriate content such as nicknames, slogans or team names.
  • No uniform can promote the drinking of alcohol.
  • All Clubs should ensure their uniforms comply with safety standards and include any relevant safety equipment as a part of the uniform.
  • Clubs must notify and seek approval from ANU Sport regarding the use of the ANU Sport logo on all Club uniforms, merchandise and promotional material.
  • The Club should look to develop an identity through the use of consistent image and branding across all aspects of the Club.
  • Uniforms must display the correct ANU Sport logo as per the Style Guide.
  • Off-field apparel should also contain correct ANU Sport logos.
  • Sports that are required by their governing body to compete in unbranded uniforms are exempt from the requirement to display the ANU Sport logo. 
  • All new uniforms must be approved by the Club Committee and ANU Sport.


When communicating via online social media, on behalf of the Club, Clubs must ensure they adhere to the Social Media Policy at all times. Clubs must also;

  • Ensure the club has an up to date and professional online presence.
  • Ensure that any posted content does not bring the Club and its members, ANU Sport or any of their stakeholders into disrepute.
  • Not make any comments or post any photos that may harass, defame, discriminate, treat unfairly or otherwise be inappropriate, including:
  • Swearing or inappropriate language.
  • Any photos that include nudity, excessive alcohol consumption or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Keep all membership and personal information secure and confidential in accordance with the ANU Sport Privacy Policy.
  • Not post photos if a member does not consent to their photo being used.
  • If a member does not consent to their photo being used, the photo must be removed immediately.
  • Protect any confidential information obtained through involvement with ANU Sport and its members.
  • Not post on behalf of or in relation to ANU Sport without approval from ANU Sport.
  • Not use the ANU Sport logo without permission from ANU Sport.
  • Remain polite and respectful when communicating with external organisations.