The ANU Table Tennis Club welcomes players of all skill levels.
Club sessions are a combination of casual play and training:
• Monday 3pm-5pm
• Wednesday 3pm-5pm
• Thursday 3pm-5pm
🏓 See you there!


The ANU Table Tennis AGM will be held in Marie Reay 5.03 from 3-5pm on the 1st November 2023.

The 26th of October 2023 was the last session of 2023.


Table Tennis is a great way to meet new people and have a break from study. The game improves your hand-eye coordination, reflexes and balance and is for all ages. The ANU Table Tennis Club welcomes players of all skill levels, aiming to bring together those who enjoy the sport socially or competitively.

The club sessions are generally comprised of casual play and training, with various events throughout the year. These sessions are a great way to meet and challenge other table tennis players, with doubles games also being highly enjoyable. Club members have the opportunity to compete in club tournaments, and [Intervarsity Sport], i.e. the Black Mountain battle against the University of Canberra, and possibly even in the UniSport Nationals.

The club provides all equipment required for play, however bringing your own bat is recommended. The club also orders equipment throughout the year which members may join in with, so look out for these to save on shipping and get possible discounts! See you there!

For any questions please email:


  • Monday 3pm-5pm
  • Wednesday 3pm-5pm
  • Thursday 3pm-5pm


The Club meets in the David Cocking Sport & Recreation Centre (Building 19), North Road, ANU, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
See the [Location].


First week of sessions are free, as is a new player's first session, as the club is lenient for new players to come and try the sport and experience the club environment. However, players are expected to pay membership if they wish to continue attending club sessions. Membership is for the year (Semesters 1 and 2) or for a semester (Semester 1 or 2)

ANU Students: (Total of $60 for the year or $40 for a semester)

  • ANU Sport Membership - $0
  • ANU Table Tennis Student Membership - $60 for the year or $40 for a semester

General Public: (Total of $200 for the year or $120 for a semester)

  • ANU Sport Membership - $120 for the year or $60 for a semester
  • ANU Table Tennis Associate Membership - $80 for the year or $60 for a semester

NOTES: You are likely classified as an 'ANU student' if you have an ANU University ID (u#######). Membership funds go towards booking the training times for the club and maintaining table tennis equipment. All club members must have an ANU Sport Membership. ANU Sport Membership is free for ANU students. All non-ANU students are required to purchase an [ANU Sport Membership].


Click on the "Join or Renew" tab in the top right of this website and either join '2023 Full Year Members' or '2023 Semester 1/2 Members' depending on whether you want to purchase a membership for the year or for just a semester. Continue on to purchase both your ANU Table Tennis and ANU Sport Memberships.

NOTES: When clicking the "Join or Renew" tab you will be prompted to sign in. If you are an ANU student, please sign in using your ANU account. If you are an Associate, you will likely need to create and sign in using a community account. There is a [list of common issues] with membership purchases and how to resolve them. If any issues are encountered, please [contact ANU sport] as soon as possible.