In the case of a serious incident, emergency services must be called on 000. If the incident occurs on ANU's Campus, in addition to calling emergency services call ANU Security (02 6125 2249).

Public Liability
Here is a copy of the General Product Public Liability Certificate.

How to make a claim?
A committee member needs to send an ANU Sport Incident Report Form to Paul Hooper paul.hooper@anu-sport.com.au detailing the incident. The club will then receive a confirmation email from ANU Sport that the report was received, with an acknowledgement that it occured during an ANUSRA sanctioned activity, and the next steps. 
The injured individual then needs to send a claim to Paul Hooper paul.hooper@anu-sport.com.au for first review:
1) Claim form
2) All medical invoices/receipts and medical reports. Please note that only scanned or original copies will be accepted, photos of documents taken on a camera/phone will NOT be accepted. 
3) Any out-of-pocket expenses. 
ANU Sport will then forward the claim onto the University Insurance Office on your behalf. the Unniversity Insurance Office Handles these claims and is the liaison point with Chubb Insurance as it is the ANU group policy that ANU Sport is covered by. 

What is included in the claim?
The claim will be with the ANU's Group Personal Accident and Sickness, policy number 01P0528644. 
Here is the Policy wording.
Please note the following surrounding policy coverage:
1) This policy includes coverage for medical expenses that do not attract a Medicare rebate.
2) If an expense is claimable through Medicafre and there is a gap left over, unfortunately Chubb Insurance would not be able to cover that gap due to government legislation. 
3) You have up to 12 months from the date of injury to lodge your claim.
4) The cover for Non-Medicare Medical Expenses (such as physiotherapy) is 100% of expenses (after private health insurance benefit) incurred to a maximum of $20,000.
5) An international student will usually not be eligible for Medicare so they would claim through thier overseas health cover first, and thereafter lodge the gap with Chubb to be assessed. 
6) There is a seperate heading called out-of-pocket expenses, which carries a maximum limit of $5,000. This includes expenses like medical aids, local transport for purposes of seeking medical treatment and other non-medical equipment.
7) Should any further medical expenses which are not claimable with Medicare or not fully covered by a Private Health Insurer be incurred, please forward these account (with the Health Fund Benefit State,ent where applicable) for further consideration. 

If you have any queries or concerns along the way, please don't hesitate to contact ANU Sport.