UniOne System Support

Welcome to the UniOne system support page that has been designed to cover functions of the software that are commonly used in the administration of ANU Sport Clubs.

We appreciate that our Club Committee workforce is solely volunteer based and to help support these volunteers in the effective administration of their Club we have developed easy to follow user manuals. Each user manual covers a separate function of the UniOne system and breaks down the process into a series of steps.

If you would like an additional User Manual developed that isn't already in the toolkit, email clubs@anu-sport.com.au with your suggestion.

User Manuals

Function User Manual
Create a UniOne Account
Logging into your Club's administrator portal
Manually add members
Adding an Alternative Email to your Profile

Error Messages

Error Message Cause Resolution
“This product has user type requirements. Please remove the item from your order and try again.” The user is trying to purchase a membership that doesn’t match their profile user type.
E.g. a user with a student profile is trying to purchase an associate membership and vice versa.
a. If the user is purchasing the wrong membership type. e.g. a student is trying to pruchase an associate membership:
  • tell the user to clear their cart and re-purchase the correct membership type per their membership status (student or associate).
b. If the user is purchasing the correct membership but has set up their UniOne profile incorrectly:
  • contact the Club Development Officer at ANU Sport and ask them change to change the user's profile to the correct membership type (student or associate).
“You have reached your submission limit for this form.” A user has completed the form but has exited the registration process. They have then attempted to register again but cannot fill out the form again*.

*this is because the form has a response limit of 1 per user. Once the user has filled out the form they cannot re-submit another form.
a. If there is a form attached to a club membership:
  • follow the process outlined in the Limit Forms Submissions User Manual
b. If there is no form attached to your club memberships:
  • contact the Club Development Officer and ask them to delete the ANU Sport Membership form response for that user.
Password recovery
(Community Accounts ONLY - ANU accounts are automatically verified using the ANU IT system)
You have forgotten your password from when you originally set-up your account Please follow the instructions found here > https://sportandwellbeing.anu-sport.com.au//Account/RecoverPassword