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Get Active @ ANU Sport

Short Course & Introductory Program Club Structure

Get Active @ ANU Sport aims to provide non-traditional and innovative avenues for students, staff and the wider Canberra community to stay fit and healthy. In addition to short courses, ANU Sport provides group programs delivered to local businesses, ANU Academic Colleges and ANU Residential Halls, in addition to the broader Canberra community, ANU Sport can tailor almost any program to the desires of our community.

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ANU Sport Affiliated Clubs

ANU Sport collaborates with affiliated clubs to run short courses and introductory programs for the ANU campus and wider community. ANU Sport offers three options for affiliated clubs:

a) Managed by the Club;

b) Managed by ANU Sport; and

c) Administered by ANU Sport - Delivery via Club. 

The benefits and requirements for each option are outlined in the Club Affiliated Introductory Program Short Course 2022 document. 

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