Annual Reporting and Requirements

Reporting Requirements 

Affiliated Clubs are required to submit the following information within the appropriate time frame to ANU Sport to remain affiliated.

Documents to be submitted 14 days before Club's AGM;

Documents to be submitted within 30 days of Club's AGM;

Documents to be submitted to ANU Sport by 28th February for the previous calendar year;

ANU Sport may also require a meeting with Club Executives within 30 days the the Club AGM. 

Club Grant Eligibility 

Affiliated Clubs become eligible for grants including the Base Pool Grant following completion of reporting requirements as detailed above as well as attendance at the following events; 

  • Club Forum One
  • Club Forum Two
  • Club Forum Three
  • O-Week Market Day (Semester 1)
  • Bush Week Market Day (Semester 2)
  • ANU Sport AGM
  • other events as determined and notified by ANU Sport

How to

Please visit the Club Governance: How to page where you can find all the necessary information to complete your reporting requirements.