Disciplinary Action Against Clubs


ANU Sport has the power to fine, sanction or discipline an affiliated Club if the Club or one of its members contravenes ANU Sport's Constitution, Affiliation Agreement or any Policy or Procedure

  • ANU Sport may consider a Club under review if it considers that the Club has breached the Club Affiliation Agreement.
  • ANU Sport must provide the Club notice, in writing, for the reasons it has been placed under review.
  • A Club under review will not receive any grant payments.
  • ANU Sport will create a plan for the Club to rectify the breach in consultation with the Club.
  • The plan will be sent to the Club in writing.
  • The Club must implement the plan in order to remain affiliated.
  • The plan will include a timeframe within which specified requirements must be met.
  • If the requirements under the plan are not met within the specified timeframe, then this will be reported to the Board which will decide whether to disaffiliate the Club or continue affiliation and extend the review period.
  • If the Board decides to disaffiliate a Club, ANU Sport must provide the Club notice, in writing, of the reasons for disaffiliation. The Club will have 14 days to respond before disaffiliation takes effect pursuant to clause 15.1 of the Constitution. If the Club fails to respond or the response is considered by ANU Sport to be inadequate, ANU Sport will cancel the affiliation of the Club.
  • For information regarding disaffiliation, please see clause 16.8 of the ANU Sport Constitution
  • The Club may appeal in writing to the ANU Sport Board in relation to the decision to disaffiliate the Club. The decision of the ANU Sport Board will be final.


Please refer to ANU Sport's Disciplinary Action & Disaffiliation Procedure (in-progress, information available upon request).