Affiliation Procedure: How to Affiliate and Disaffiliate


Clubs seeking to apply for affiliation to ANU Sport are required to prepare an application. The application for affiliation must include:

  1. A cover letter outlining the benefits the unaffiliated club would have for the ANU Sport community, here are some questions you should answer in the cover letter:

    • Why is this club important to the ANU Sport community?

    • How will the club be financially sustainable? 

    • How will your club attract strong membership numbers?

    • What are the operational requirements to run club activities? 

  2. A current copy or draft copy of the unaffiliated club’s constitution (see a club constitution template);

  3. Current membership list (with at least 20 members 50% of which need to be ANU Students).

  4. Club must provide a budget that details projected expenses and revenue for a period of a year. The club can also indicate where they may need initial financial support from ANU Sport. This  support is not guaranteed but may be considered.

The following items are required before affiliation can be ratified but may not be in place before an initial application is made:

  1. Minutes of the unaffiliated club’s most recent AGM;

  2. Contact details of elected club executive committee members (position, name, email, phone);

  3. Selection policy for teams and competitions, where relevant; and

  4. Proof of a bank account in the club’s name.

Clubs must submit their affiliation application to the Club Development Co-Ordinator. The Sport Development Unit will review all submitted applications and will make a recommendation to the Board if the application has met all the requirements. The Board at its discretion may recognise that entity as an affiliated club. The Club Development Co-Ordinator will notify the club of the Board's decision. A club that is not successful can reapply once reservations raised by the unit and/or the Board have been addressed. For further details about club affiliation, see the ANU Sport Constitution, clause 16.1

If you are starting a club from scratch, please read the following document: Creating a club.


Clubs seeking to disaffiliate from ANU Sport are required to provide written notice to the Chief Executive Officer regarding the clubs intention to disaffiliate.

Please refer to the Disciplinary Action and Disaffiliation Procedure (in-progress, information available upon request).