Running Technique
Whether you are new to running or an advanced runner looking to upskill, this course is for you!
A six-week running development program based on the following:
a.     Sprint Technique.
b.     Acceleration Technique.
c.     Sprint mechanics to minimise injury (Hamstrings/Hip flexors/quads).
d.     Team sport movement specific speed/acceleration training.

Adrian Faccioni is a Master Coach (Level 5) with expertise in sprint performance. 
He has prior experience working with team sports & speed development - speed training consultancies he has undertaken include:
  • Queanbeyan City Football Club (Soccer)
  • Adelaide Crows (AFL) 
  • NZ Otago Highlanders (Rugby Union Super 15) 
  • Canberra Brumbies (Rugby Union Super 15) 
  • Canberra Comets (Cricket)
  • Australian Netball Team
  • Australian Institute of Sport - Rugby, Netball, Men's & Women's basketball
  • Riverina Academy of Sport
  • Australian Baseball Association
  • ACT Academy of Sport
  • NZ Academy of Sport