The ANU Mountaineering Club is Canberra’s biggest and most active outdoors club.

The ANU Mountaineering Club is Canberra’s biggest and most active outdoors club. We are a community of students, graduates, public servants and more, who all have in common a passion for the outdoors and being active in adventure sports and other outdoor activities.

Members of the ANUMC are able to use our very own indoor climbing wall, participate in outdoor trips, and hire a huge variety of gear from our gear store at very low hire rates. In addition, members receive support from the Club to participate in advanced training and skills sessions, competitions and can access discounts at many Canberra outdoor stores. The Mountaineering Club offers a range of activities for its members, including, bushwalking, canyoning, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, mountaineering, rogaining, orienteering, skiing and snowshoeing.

Visit our website to see more of what we do and how to get involved:

Membership Prices per year:

  • ANU Student: $60
  • Non-student: $85 + ANU Sport's compulsory $120 affiliation fee*
  • Climbing Wall fee : $25 extra annually if you also want to use our wall

All memberships are rolling meaning that if you purchase one today, it's valid for exactly one year from today. There is no option for a 6 month membership

* Note that if you're a member of multiple ANU Sport clubs you only need to pay this $120 once

Important information for membership renewal

Your account is tied to your email. If you have an existing account, and then use a different email when paying for your membership renewal, our website won't know it's you. Please use exactly the same email when renewing as you use to login to the website (as far as Python is concerned, is NOT the same as

If you'd like to change your email ahead of renewal, please alter your email first. If you can't do this, please email us and we'll be happy to help. Either way, don't renew with a different email, or an administrator will have to manually fix this and you might be locked out until they're available to do so.