Welcome to the National University Caving Club!

NUCC (National University Caving Club) offers regular caving trips for all experience levels, from the complete beginner through to the more advanced caver, with no previous experience required. Many of our caving trips involve overnight camping, either in huts or tents. These trips are a fantastic way to meet new people and enjoy the outdoors. NUCC is a member of the Australian Speleological Federation (ASF), allowing us access to an array of beautifully decorated and unspoilt caves all around Australia and overseas. Members of NUCC learn many great skills including abseiling, prusiking (ascending rope), caving knots, rigging, rescue techniques and more. We have weekly Single Rope Technique (SRT) training sessions for all members to practice the rope skills for vertical caving. We offer regular caving trips for both beginner and advanced cavers, occasional canyoning or bushwalking trips, provision of gear on trips (including helmets, headtorches, ropes, harnesses, and cave packs), weekly SRT training (6-8pm Tuesday in ANU Sport’s Old Hall), regular social events, and access to permit-restricted caves. **How to get involved:** To find out more about NUCC, contact us through caving.nucc.anu@gmail.com, visit our website or join our Facebook group. We also have a mailing list that can be joined by request to caving.nucc.anu@gmail.com.