Do you like Riding bikes? What about shredding trails? Or putting more watts through your legs than a nuclear fission device? If yes to any of the above, you're probably in the right place.


You're probably here for one of three reasons:

Either, you like riding bikes and are looking to get out and about and meet some awesome people who also like riding bikes. Awesome! Join our club and jump on a beginner trip whether it be cruising round the lake, hitting the trails or zooming round on the road.

OR, you are looking to SHRED some trails but need a crew to shred with. In this case get keen for some Stromlo shuttle days, some Thredbo trips, Race rebates and a SICK Jersey. Not to mention a pretty mad crew for weekly rides.

The other possibility is that you're here to put in some serious K's on the road. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Alex runs a FAST Sunday Bunchie around the Cotter loop. We've also got coast trips, Jindy trips and some other grand plans to get your kilometre count up.

Why spend $50 to ride a bike which you can do for free? Bike Shop Discounts, Public liability insurance (Ambulance insurance, crash insurance etc) Shock Wiz, subsidised accommodation, subsidised lift tickets, movie nights and a pretty nutty crew of cyclists.